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Stress Busting Afternoon

This S5 event was a fantastic opportunity for our young people to experience a number of possible ways to help relax/ de-stress in the run up to their exams. Pupils were encouraged to sign up for four exciting taster sessions – they could choose from Yoga, Relaxation room, Diet & Nutrition, Arts & Crafts, Air & Share, Hydration, Effective sleeping, Time Management, 5 steps to success, and ‘Lush’ relaxation products. A period of time away from all forms of technology; a snap shot of ideas to help ‘wind down’ after a concentrated study session or extended period of exam preparation.

Too often, young people don’t take the time to relax in a suitable environment, nor think about the food & drink they should be choosing to help prepare them for the challenges of their exams.

Many thanks to all the staff involved in running the session and our external providers, Brian Leslie from Abacus Training offering Time Management & ‘Lush’ staff from our local store.

The sessions proved a great hit with the pupils involved, with some even suggesting this should be a regular slot!!