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Science and New Technology

The Science department within Preston Lodge is an innovative and exciting department, inspiring pupils and the wider community to engage with science and everything the subject has to offer. All staff is dedicated to providing the best all round education and enable pupils to have the confidence to pursue careers within the scientific community.

The use of data logging and new technology is an integral part of how modern science should be delivered within the school. With more curricular focus than ever on experimental work, providing pupils with sufficient technology and guidance has become essential to their all-round education.

With this in mind, the Senior Technician in the school investigated ways to help advance teaching methods, with a view to inspiring more pupils into science through the use of the most current data loggers available. With cutting edge technology and wireless capability, the units and sensors are intuitive, powerful, simple and effective for both the teacher and the student to use. They run alongside Chromebooks and use a free App called SparkVue which every pupil can easily access.

Since receiving this essential equipment all staff within science have since attended specific training representatives from Scientific and Chemical, the UK based distributer of PASCO technologies to ensure the most out of the equipment in the classroom. 

Pupils have successfully used the new equipment for Advanced Higher projects such as measuring the respiration rate of snails at different temperatures. Higher Assignments in biology and chemistry have also benefited, with use of a brand new wireless spectrophotometer.

Our Higher physicists have been using the Smart Carts with great results and voltage/current sensors mean for the first time they have a means to visually demonstrate difficult concepts such as potential difference and capacitance.

New light sensors have been utilised across all sciences, along with pH and temperature sensors, all ideal for CfE and National 5 investigations.  Some new power supplies, including a high voltage one, has meant old and aging equipment has now been updated, allowing more experiments to be run safety.

The science department is committed to a more practical approach within the department to inspire pupils into STEM careers. With a critical shortage of scientists and STEM teachers nationally, we have a vision that Preston Lodge can be a school which produces more of these inspired youngsters and through funding avenues such as PLLF, this vision becomes more achievable, although lots more work is planned to continue moving us forward. 

We look forward to further working with the foundation to fully furnish our youngsters with all the positive attributes they need in order to succeed within the scientific community.