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Maths Department – Improvement Agenda

The Preston Lodge Learning Foundation are supporting a strong improving attainment agenda in Maths.  The overarching goal is to raise attainment for all, while narrowing the poverty related attainment gap.  To this end, we have introduced a strong focus on the three key primary drivers for improvement:

In session 2019/20, every Maths teacher ran a pedagogical enquiry focussed on one of these three drivers.  The results of these enquiries are already impacting on practice, and have informed our improvement plan for next session.  Examples of focus areas are: improving retention through effective homework systems; use of concrete materials to deepen understanding; and improving engagement through encouraging self-explanations to worked examples.  All the enquiries are underpinned by the latest educational research, and we’ve established sharing of research and practice as a routine and regular part of our working day.

Looking towards next session, we aim to:

We are a determined, hardworking and ambitious department, but sustained improvement requires a significant investment of time and resources.  The lack of textbooks in the BGE had been identified by staff as a barrier to progress, and so the PLLF stepped in to provide a significant injection of funds to purchase textbooks for BGE pupils and for a new Senior Phase course.  This will bring significant benefits both to staff and pupils.  

For pupils in BGE, the impact will be:

For pupils in the Level 5 Units course, the impact will be:

This injection of funds from the Trust has come at a hugely opportune time for both pupils and staff.  As we face an uncertain and unsettling return to school this August, one thing we do know for certain is that our classrooms will be well resourced with our chosen textbooks.  As well as providing a boost to morale, this resourcing will give us with the flexibility and efficiency to enable a real focus on the needs of our pupils.

Hannah Craigie, Principal Teacher, Mathematics