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Columba 1400 – Paying it Forward

On Tuesday of this week three of our S3 students led the learning for a group of our S6 students who are undertaking a Level 6 SQA Leadership qualification.  I have been teaching the S6 students for a few weeks and thought it would be an ideal opportunity for our some of our Columban graduates to share their learning and knowledge of leadership. The three students did an outstanding job of delivering their session.  They had met beforehand (using some of their own time as well) to plan their session.  Whilst they said they were nervous, they presented in a very confident, polished fashion.  The focus of their session was Self Limiting Beliefs and they used an interactive ‘Bungeetastic’ exercise to engage the S6 students right from the start.  The S6 students threw themselves (at some points literally!!) into the exercise and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

However, the students were not there just to provide a fun task.  They ensured that the S6 students reflected on what they had done and asked them to consider the leadership qualities they had displayed themselves and had seen in others.  They finished the session by showing 2 videos to exemplify their teaching points.  I was blown away by the way they delivered the session.  And it doesn’t stop here!  They are already planning another session to be delivered in a couple of weeks as part of a series of lessons. 

Julia Robertson